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Project Examples

Pete has diverse interests with deep experience in multiple industries and corporate functions. Examples of his project experience are highlighted below in four areas:

  1. Transportation & Logistics
  2. Energy & Natural Resources
  3. Private Equity
  4. Other Industries

These projects include work done at previous consulting firms prior to the establishment of Fordham Consulting LLC.

Transportation & Logistics

  • For a major railroad, he led numerous projects in diverse areas – strategy, operations, maintenance, market research, competitive assessment, information systems, other
  • For an energy producer, he evaluated a wide range of supply chain options and developed a business model to assess the capacity and economics of different transportation alternatives
  • For a steel producer, he evaluated numerous options to move iron ore from a Midwestern mine to several steel plants for winter steel-making operations, and developed a model to compare the economics of each alternative
  • For several railroads, he worked with the marketing and operating departments to identify opportunities to increase revenue, reduce cost and improve efficiency in their supply chain for energy delivery
  • For a producer of railroad ties, he analyzed the marketplace for tie procurement and identified opportunities to improve efficiency and reduce cost in the supply chain
  • For several port owners who traditionally competed for the same business, he worked with management to develop a strategic alliance, analyze port consolidation options, and improve terminal operating/financial performance
  • For a transit agency, he packaged their railroad freight operations for sale and conducted public policy analysis and hearings to review potential public impacts
  • For a parcel carrier, he worked with management to develop entry strategies for new transportation markets

Energy & Natural Resources

  • For a major potash producer, he managed multiple projects using dynamic simulation technology to evaluate infrastructure, operations, capital expenditures, and projected performance at a billion dollar mining development project
  • For an energy provider, he worked with project teams at a dozen facilities to improve performance
  • For diverse electric and gas utilities, he analyzed strategy, structure and staging to identify opportunities to improve service quality, reduce cost, and achieve greater organizational effectiveness
  • For a coal producer, he worked with a team of operations and maintenance personnel as well as the company president to analyze the company’s coal mining process and identify opportunities to increase productivity and cut cost
  • For a utility, he assessed the options for sourcing biomass fuel, including identifying potential sources and suppliers, determining transportation and logistics requirements, and developing an estimated total delivered cost
  • For a natural resource company, he evaluated rail loadout capacity and growth opportunities at their largest mine, including development of a detailed simulation model to evaluate options, conduct “what if” analysis, and help identify the optimal long-term strategy
  • For a European manufacturer of coal mining equipment, he evaluated market threats and opportunities, including reviews of coal market trends, competition and strategic options for the company’s operations in the U.S., Europe, Australia and South Africa

Private Equity

  • For a private equity firm, he worked with a portfolio company to reduce procurement costs in six categories (welding, temporary labor, rope and rigging, paint, lube oil and castings)
  • For a private equity firm, he evaluated the market for outsourced taxi services used by railroads to transport train and engine employees
  • For a private equity firm, he reviewed markets for multiple rail related services, including railroad ballast delivery, ditching and material handling services, rail inspection services and track inspection services
  • For a private equity firm, he conducted due diligence analysis to support potential acquisition of a motor carrier focused on plastics
  • For a private equity firm, he conducted due diligence analysis to support potential acquisition of a motor carrier focused on transportation from the U.S. to Mexico
  • For a private equity firm, he conducted due diligence analysis of a motor carrier focused on hauling automobiles

Other Industries

  • For a publisher, he managed a procurement effort to identify and implement a range of cost savings initiatives across multiple functions and commodities
  • For an electrical manufacturer, he facilitated cross-functional teams focused on identifying procurement savings in two major commodity areas
  • For a high technology company, he conducted a study to evaluate M&A opportunities related to radio frequency identification devices for equipment tracking and other uses
  • For a chemical company, he analyzed operating, logistics, and financial options for their port facilities to handle significant growth in chemical traffic
  • For a national provider of medical lab services, he evaluated their process and productivity for handling lab specimens
  • For a health care provider, he focused on developing a better understanding of overhead costs, the key drivers of these costs, and opportunities to better control, reduce, or leverage these expenditures